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Army and Navy

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 Army & Navy

 Royale Army and Navy sweets. During World War 1, the British Army & Navy introduced sweets in their men's rations as a high energy food. Whether this particular sweet was part of this at the time is unknown but In any event, the name Army & Navy comes from the tradition of sweets in military rations. Handcrafted by Royale, the black, lozenge-shaped sweets are flavoured with liquorice and herbs, making them a favourite in winter.

Wikipedia Reference:

Army & Navy sweets are a type of traditional boiled sweet, or hard candy, available in the United Kingdom. They are black in colour, lozenge-shaped and flavoured with liquorice and herbs. They are often eaten in winter as their slightly medicinal flavour is similar to that of Cough candy.


glucose syrup
colour: Carbon Black

Allergy Infomation:

May Contain Nut traces.