Simpsons Scratchy Funko POP! Keychain

Funko POP! Keychain - Television - Simpsons - Scratchy

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Simpsons Scratchy Funko POP! Keychain

The Simpsons has been a stable of entertainment for the last 2/3 generations. 1st appeared as shorts in the Tracy Ullman Show in 1987, then onto our screens in its own show from 1989. It is the longest running American sitcom. The family consists of Homer (Dad), Marge (Mum), Bart (Son), Lisa (Oldest Daughter) & Maggie (Baby Daughter) We could go on for ages describing each character, they all have stand out shows. But Homer is AWESOME!!!! When I was younger it was Bart, who knows what it's gonna be in the future. This POP! Keychain is of Scratchy, the cat from a Tom & Jerry style cartoon show within the Simpsons world. Itchy is the Tom equivalent. Scratchy almost always gets killed by Itchy.

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  • Scratchy, stylised as a Funko POP! Keychain. 
  • Collectable stands approximately 1.5 inches tall. 
  • Comes in a window display box.


Safety Warning

Not Suitable for children under the age of 3. Recommended to be used with adult supervision.