Dick Dastardly Funko SODA Vinyl Can
Dick Dastardly Funko SODA Vinyl
Dick Dastardly Chase Funko SODA Vinyl

Funko POP! Vinyl Soda - Hanna Barbera - Dastardly w/ Chase

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 Dastardly with Chase Funko Vinyl Soda

Funko's new line are very cool. It is the Vinyl Soda Can. It is a can in the style of a soda can, with a Vinyl figure inside and a collectable disc.

Dick Dastardly is a character that has appeared in many Hanna Barbera cartoons. He is mostly known for being "The Bad Guy" in Wacky Races and then its spin off Dastardly & Muttley in Their Flying Machines. Dastardly is partly based on the English actor Terry Thomas. The Chase version is his costume from the recent Wacky Races show.

As with all our Chase POP!'s, you get a 1 in 6 chance to get the Chase version. Buy a case of 6 and you are GUARANTEED the Chase version.

Why not add it to your collection and check out the other POP! Vinyl Sodas we have.


  • Dastardly with Chase, stylised as a Funko POP! Vinyl Soda figure, in a can.
  • Collectable stands approximately 4 inches tall. 
  • Comes in a collectable soda can and a cardboard collectable disc.


Safety Warning

Not Suitable for children under the age of 3. Recommended to be used with adult supervision.




Buy 2, £12 POP! Vinyl Sodas, for only £23, 4 for £46 or 6 for £66.  Plus shipping. 

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