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Sherbet Lemons

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(Lemon flavour hard boiled sweets with a sherbet centre)

Sherbet Lemons are one of the masters of classic retro sweets. You start with the zingy lemony flavour and then comes the exciting wait for the sherbet to come out. Just delightful....

Wikipedia Reference:

The sherbet lemon is a popular sweet in the UK, and is included in many sweet shops. It is the main flavour of boiled sweets with powdered sherbet centres - such as sherbet fruits, where sherbet limes, strawberries, blackcurrants, raspberries and orange are popular flavours. The sherbet lemon has a citrus taste and is sour and also tangy. The sherbet in the middle explodes, making the sweet suddenly more sour.

In the Harry Potter series, the character, Albus Dumbledore has a particular fondness for sherbet lemons, and the name of the sweet was used as a passphrase to access his office.


citric acid
sodium bicarbonate

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